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get more than you pay for, everytime.

now thats rewarding.

everytime you add prepaid package in your rewards plus account you get more than you put, as much as 33% more value. so now you dont have to wait for next discount offer to get your favourite bestesellers.

higher the package you, more you save.

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And it's fast, Really fast

Found the book you want to listen to? Purchase it and start listening in one click. It really is that easy.

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Get cash on delivery, now thats new

Cash on Delivery on digital audiobooks? Is that possible you ask? We have made it possible, because we know how much you love it. Click here to know more about COD

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have questions?

here are some frequently asked questions about reward plus

what are the benifits of reward plus account?+

Everybody likes to save money. And that is exactly what the Reward Plus account helps you with. With the Reward Plus account everything is on sale, all the time. Choose to pay with the Reward Plus account and save up to 30% on every purchase. Every time you add money to your account, we add money to the account as well.

does the value expire at any point in my reward plus account?+

Not at all. Your Reward Plus account value is with you for life. You do not have to maintain a minimum account balance. So in a way it's better than money in your bank.

can i club reward account with another form of payment to make purchases?+

Unfortunately, that is not possible. You can use any one mode of payment. Either Rewards Plus account or through Credit/Debit card or net banking.

how is using reward plus account faster?+

Using Rewards Plus account enables you to check out without the hassle of feeding your credit/debit card number and then wait for an OTP to make a transaction. You decide that you want to make a purchase, and you make a payment in two simple steps, and the book is added to your library. Seriously, that is all it takes, two clicks.

We do not like to restrict you on anything that you own. Once you have purchased an audiobook, it truly belongs to you. You can download it as many times as you like, and whenever you like.

Do not worry. The audiobook will still be available in your library for you to download whenever you need it. Feel like listening to an old classic that you have heard many times? Just go to your library and download it again.

Not at all. You have the freedom to choose when you want to download the audiobook. Once you have purchased the audiobook, it is put into your library, and it remain there for life. You can choose to download the audiobook right away or download it at a later time.

You cannot download an audiobook from Reado on your computer or laptop. You can only download the audiobook on Android and iOS apps which makes for a much better listening experience.

You can make your car “Library on wheels” with Audiobooks.

You can play an audio book in your car via CD player, Aux, and Bluetooth OR USB.

CD player:

If you have a CD player in your car and you also possess the audio CD of your favorite audio book; simply insert the audio book in the player and enjoy your travel with your favorite companion.

(In case you want to know how to burn an audio book to CD, you can check the above FAQ)


If your car music player has the AUX option, you can simply insert one end of the jack to your Car’s Aux port and the other end of the jack to your phone, I-Pod, MP3 player or any other device in which you have the audio book.


If your Car music player has the Bluetooth facility. You can simply transfer the audio book to your phone or any other Bluetooth compatible device and enjoy the audio book in your car by connecting the car audio player to your Bluetooth music device.


If your car music player has a USB port, then all you need to do is transfer the audio book to a pen drive or any USB player.

Once you have successfully transferred to audio book to the pen drive or USB, simply insert the device to the USB port and enjoy the drive with your favorite audio book.

Anything that is compatible for playing an MP3 format file can play an audiobook! To name a few, you can play your audio book on Mobile phone, Music/ CD player, I-Pod, MP3 player etc.

Yes! You can use your blackberry device to listen to audio books.

You can follow the below steps to transfer audio books to your Blackberry phone.

1. Connect your Blackberry phone to your laptop with a USB cable.

2. Copy the files of the audio book and paste it in a new folder on your phone memory or SD card.

3. Unplug your phone

4. Go to the music player. Your Blackberry phone will automatically detect the audio book.

5. Go to Albums. You will find your audio book there under the name of the book.

6. You can also search your audio book with author’s name under Artist tab.

Yes! If your Nokia is compatible to play MP3 file, then you can listen to audiobooks on your Nokia phone.

Unfortunately, that is not possible. You can only apply one payment method for your purchases. It can either be through the Reward Account or Credit / Debit card or Net Banking.

The Reward account is essentially a wallet on Reado, which gives you more value for your money. For instance, if you add Rs 5000 to your Reward Account, you get Rs 6,000 in your account. We add an extra Rs 1,000 to your account for you to get the best deal on audiobooks.

The money that you add into your reward account is there for life. It has no expiration date.

You can purchase an audiobook by using any Debit Card/Credit Card or Net Banking. Another more efficient way to make purchased on Reado is the Reward Account. Reward is essentially a Wallet which gives you more value for your money, every time you add money to it. It also enables you to check out much faster than ordinary payment methods.

No, the audiobook cannot be transferred out of the app.

Unfortunately, you cannot. The iOS app is a player app which only allows the users of Reado to download and listen to the audiobooks that they have in their library.

You can download the iOS app from this link - https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/reado-player-audiobooks/id1095702115?mt=8

No, the audiobook cannot be transferred out of the app.

On the Android App, you can also listen to an audiobook by streaming. When you hit play on any audiobook in the library it will ask if you want to download or stream the audiobook. You can choose either.

Yes, you can browse the complete collection of audiobooks on the Reado App on Android. You can browse the categories, the collections, the bestsellers and other lists from Reado.

You can download the Android App from this link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wayocom.reado&hl=en

It’s simple. You can sign up on Reado through our website or mobile app using your Email or Mobile number. For a promotional period we are giving Rs 500 on sign up which you can use to buy audiobooks from Reado.


Once you have signed up, you can choose any audiobook that you like, listen to a sample and if you like what you hear, then purchase the audiobook.


After you have purchased the audiobook, you can download it on to your App (Android or iOS) and listen on the app itself. No other player required.

Yes, we have a huge collection of Indian audiobooks which include Chetan Bhagat, Amish, Prakash Iyer, Harsha Bhogle and many others.

Reado is the largest marketplace of audiobooks in Asia. With over 5,000 audiobooks, a number which is growing everyday. Reado offers audiobooks from all over the world, and in a number of categories. Our Mobile Apps on Android and iOS are the best way to listen to our audiobooks.

You do not need a special device to listen to an audiobook. You can listen to audiobooks from Reado through our Apps for Android and iOS.

An E Book is a digital version of the book. Essentially it does not change the format of the book. A physical book and an E Book both have written word. However, an audiobook changes the format of the book. An audiobook changes how we consume the text. Instead of reading, you listen to an audiobook.

Faster consumption - With audiobooks, one can listen to more books in a month than most people read in a year.


Anytime, Anywhere - With an audiobook, you will never be forced to stop listening. You can listen to audiobooks on your daily commute, while you drive, while you exercise, while you cook, or while you just relax.


Audiobooks are forever - Once you have purchased an audiobook from reado.com, it will remain with you forever. You can go too your library and download your audiobook anytime, on any device without any restrictions.


Highly entertaining - Audiobooks can bridge the gap between a book and a movie. It’s the authenticity of a book, with the dramatisation and intrigue of a movie. With multiple artists acting out different characters of a book, and background ambient sounds, an audiobook brings the text to life like no other format can.

Audiobooks are typically a form of a book that you can listen instead of reading. The book is narrated by a professional Voice Over artist. The audiobook can be read by a single voice over artist or multiple voice over artists to create a dramatic feel for the book. The audiobook can be a complete version of the book (Unabridged) or it can be shortened for faster consumption (Abridged)

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